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Rescue Remedy

Rescue remedy is probably the best known of all Dr. Bach's flower remedies. It was developed by the doctor himself in the early 1930's, when a fisherman survived a shipwreck in England. The young fisherman was unconscious and his face was blueish when he was brought to the beach. Dr. Bach wet his mouth, placed the remedy behind his ears and on his wrists. He soon regained consciousness and, as if waking up from a nightmare, settled down and asked for a cigarette.

Rescue is actually a mix of 5 florals: Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis.

Star of Bethlehem - for shock

Rock Rose - for great fear and panic

Impatiens- for physical and mental tension when the sufferer is unable to relax; agitated and irritated mind; ache

Cherry Plum - for loss of emotional control, when the sufferer screams or becomes hysterical

Clematis - remedy for confusion, numbness that precedes fainting

Rescue is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it does help to relieve mental distress and allows the body's own healing process to begin without delay. It is indicated for emergency and crisis situations, when there is no time to make an individual selection of remedies. It also serves for trauma, panic, shock, mental numbness etc. It soothes in stressful situations like: being afraid to fly, consulting the dentist, before doing important exams or interviews. It can be ingested or applied externally if necessary on stings, sprains, bruises etc. It can also be used in body massage.


Put 4 drops of Rescue in a glass of water and take it slowly until you feel relief. If there is no water, put 4 drops directly on the tongue (remember that the medicines are preserved in brandy).

It is generally used in the case of first aid, but if it is to be used for a longer time, 4 drops are administered four times a day.

Rescue can be applied to the lips, wrists, temples and behind the ears if it is not possible to give orally. In unconscious patients, frequently moisten the lips with the diluted medicine.

In urgent cases, doses can be administered every few minutes until improvement is noticed. In severe cases, approximately every half hour and in persistent cases every two or three hours, or as often as the person feels the need.


Around 6 drops in half a liter of water.

Rescue - cream

The cream contains the 5 florals plus the Crab Apple for its cleansing qualities. It does not contain lanolin (animal fat). It can be used on cuts, minor burns, bruising and for massage.


For the treatment of animals: 4 drops of Rescue diluted in water / milk or sprinkled on the food. For large animals, 10 drops per bucket of water, or if more convenient, 4 drops on a sugar cube. Try to administer the drops several times, at least 4x a day.


Another use of Rescue is when the plants are "shocked" - after being transplanted to a new place, after exposure to frost or pests. Mix 10 drops of Rescue in a gallon of water and water the plant normally for 2-3 days or spray the leaves with water.


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