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Julian Barnard- Healing Herbs - English

Julian Barnard is for me the current successor of Dr. Edward Bach, a very nice gentleman who "breathes" the flower remedies daily. He has personally prepared flower remedies for over 30 years according to Dr. Bach's original instructions. Working only under ideal conditions to guarantee the highest quality of the final essence. The essences are made only when there is uninterrupted sun using flowers that are perfect. Pure water is essential for the formation of essences, as is clean air, something of which the surrounding area is abundant.

Founder of the Healing Herbs Ltd. a company in the UK, he is a professor, writer and herbalist with a deep connection to wildflowers and their health and wellness messages. A leading researcher in the field of flower remedies, he dedicated his life to continuing Edward Bach's work.

Julian has lived and worked in Walterstone, on the border with Wales, for the past twenty years. Born in the Thames Valley in 1947 into a family linked to the great English botanists John Henslow and Joseph Hooker, he was raised with a love for plants. Julian studied architecture and design and, later, journalism.

Finding a copy of The Twelve Healers led to phytotherapy training in Australia with Dorothy Hall.

In 1986, he was instrumental in establishing the Bach Educational Program to bring floral remedies to a wider audience. Still actively engaged in education, he gave lectures and workshops in more than a dozen countries in Europe and the Americas.

In 2010, Julian visited the Beth Bruno social project in the Santarém region, Pará (Brazil). The project started by administering 4 courses: bioenergetics, herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies and homeopathy for health workers so that they could then help their local communities.

The project started in the parish of Nossa Senhora Aparecida in the Jardim Miriam neighborhood in São Paulo (Brazil). Missionary priest Joseph Dillon (known as Father José - Irish) who then administered the parish, learned about Bach flower remedies and their value in helping people with emotional problems in 1992. From then on, he organized the first Bach flower remedies and natural medicine courses in 2002 for health workers who would then help other people in their communities. Together with other participants who knew the remedies, he started monthly consultations to the people in the parish using Bach flower remedies, herbs and plants as alternative medicine. Later on, other therapists joined his work offering Massage, Reiki, Do-in, Shiatsu, Counselling, Nutrition, Geotherapy, Hydrotherapy, etc.

Father José, who had already lived in Santarém from 1983 to 1988, together with other collaborators, realized the feasibility and need to carry out a social project in the Amazon region. The Beth Bruno project was thus created with the purpose of disseminating the practice of comprehensive care both in cities and rural areas, including riverside, indigenous and quilombola communities. Over the past decade, the project has trained more than 1000 health agents, including 120 therapists, tasked with sensitizing the local population and their families about integrative and complementary practices, such as Bach Flowers, Homeopathy, Reiki, Phytotherapy , Bioenergetics, Meditation and Auriculotherapy, and, mainly, make them part of the daily health care in these communities in the states of Rondônia, Roraima, Amazonia, Piauí and Maranhão.

Videos about social projects in Brazil:

On his website he offers a free online course on Bach flower remedies with videos, texts and even original recordings made with Nickie Murray. Nickie was deeply dedicated to the Bach Center in Mount Vernon, Wallingford, England, for a quarter of a century, from 1962 to 1997. It was within this Center that the legacy of Dr. Edward Bach's work was developed and passed on to future generations across the world.

After Dr. Bach's death in 1936, his assistant Nora Weeks administered the Center and personally prepared flower essences. Nora Weeks chose Nickie Murray, who already worked as a spiritual healer through the Melbourne Spiritual Society, to join her in 1962. Nickie was trained by Nora in the preparation of flower essences. She also provided advice on Bach flowers to people around the world. Later, her brother, John Ramsell, joined her to help manage the Bach Center. After Nora's death in 1978, Nickie Murray and John Ramsell ran the Bach Center.

Recordings with Nickie Murray:

Author of a series of books on Dr. Bach's flower remedies, including The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach: An Illustrated Guide to the Flower Remedies, After Bach: Another Side to the Story, Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water, The Essence Within, Patterns of Life Force, A Guide to Bach Flower Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function, he also edited and published Collected Writings of Edward Bach, the first complete edition of Bach's works.

One of his essential books for any Bach flower student is Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function. A profound expert, he describes in detail each part of the plants that is used to make the flower remedies. Studying his book, we realized that the shape and function of each plant has a close connection with the emotional states of each remedy. In one of his interviews he mentions that form is the "language" of the plants.

"If the remedies really work - and I, like many others, have tried them out - there is real meaning in the way a plant grows. The idea that instructs the form cannot be based on chance. There is, as Bach would say, a Great Project behind the physical world of living beings. A great project and a great designer. This book is an attempt to represent aspects of that project in operation. "- Julian Barnard

Gratitude & have a blessed day 🔆


Julian Barnard - permission to use his picture and company logo in this article.


Form and Function book - video

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