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Holistic Reiki was created to offer complementary therapies such as Reiki, Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies to promote health and restore the balance of the body, mind and soul. 


Reiki is a Japanese technique founded by Mikao Usui Sensei in early's 1900 that channels the Universal energy. It was introduced to the West by Mrs. Hawayo Takata when she returned from her visit to Japan in 1938.

The Japanese word "Rei"- means Higher wisdom or Spiritual consciousness and "Ki" (Chi, Prana) - means vital or life energy.

By touching the body gently or not (the hands will stay slightly above the body), Reiki will balance the body energy, relieving stress and anxiety. It can be performed lying down on a massage table or sitting on a chair according to the client's need. It is a complementary therapy that does not interfere with any treatment. Reiki is now being used  in hospitals , hospice settings and supports all other conventional approaches to ‘dis-ease’ treatment as well as wellness care.

Most conventional medicine works on the physical level of function. Energy work, including Reiki addresses dysfunction and imbalances in the energy flow in our “subtle bodies”—the emotional, mental, and ‘soul’ aspect of our being. 

Reiki can be done also remotely if the person is not able to be present.

The Reiki Five Principles

Just for today

Do not angry

Do not worry

Be grateful

Be diligent in everything you do

Be kind to every being

Mikao Usui Sensei

Reiki Healing



Reduces anxiety by promoting a sensation of relaxation and peace


The deep relaxation helps the body to recover its energy


Reiki might release emotions and blockages in the body helping it to detoxify 

Oil Massage
Energy Balance

Restores energy balance and vitality of the whole body (physical, mental and spiritual bodies) without interfering with any other medical therapy or medication


Relieves physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress

Stone Mortar and Pestle


Clinical Aromatherapy is the controlled external use and application of genuine and authentic plant derived essential oils and hydrosols for the healing of patients (clients) based upon examination of client needs and state of health.


Mainly it uses genuine essential oils and hydrosols ( but not limited ) to improve or maintain health & beauty.


Essential oils are organic concentrated volatile compounds that naturally occur within plants. They are extracted from different parts of the plant ( seeds, stems, leaves, needles, petals, flowers, rinds and fruits, woods and resins, roots and rhizomes, and grasses ) by distillation or expression process. Each essential oil contains aroma and more than 200 chemical components working in synergy. Aromatherapy can help with a wide range of psychological (mood, stress, anxiety, depression, agitation) or physiological imbalances (skin issues, circulatory system, digestive, respiratory, nervous, muscular/skeletal, reproductive and urinary ). 


Bach Flower remedies were developed by a British bacteriologist, physician, and pathologist Dr Edward Bach (1886–1936). Dr Bach became convinced that most human physical illnesses are caused by negative states of mind. He developed 38 remedies based on personalities and our emotional states to support our daily lives. 

After a consultation to determine what Bach Flower remedies are suitable, a treatment bottle will be made. The bottle lasts around 3-4 weeks depending on usage.

Bach Flower remedies are safe (do not interfere with any other allopathic treatment )and can be used by adults, children, animals and plants. 

Natural Cosmetics
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Herbal Aroma is the handmade Aromatherapy line products. We only use the best ingredients (100% pure essential oils, carrier oils, butters, extracts and more). Nature has the best components (aromatic and chemical) that are able to balance our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. 

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