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How to prepare for a Reiki session

Here are some tips that can help you enhance your experience during your session.

1- Arrive preferably before your session. Delays can cause inconvenience or agitation, resulting in energy imbalance.

2- Careful with your food:

Avoid drinking alcohol and overeating. If possible, reduce your consumption of caffeine and cigarettes.

3- When you go to a Reiki session, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movements. It is recommended to remove unnecessary metal objects or accessories.

4-Turn off your cell phone and other electronic devices. This will be a time for yourself.

5- Take your medications if you are using any, Reiki will not interfere with any treatment (allopathic or alternative).

6- Reiki is not a religion so it will not interfere with any religious beliefs.

7- A Reiki practitioner, unless he is an M.D or has the necessary qualifications, will not make any diagnosis or prescribe any medication or supplements.

8- It will be very helpful to know about any dysfunction or surgery suffered, as well as to know for what purpose you intend to receive Reiki. This will help the Reiki practitioner to be more involved with your case.

9- Reiki can be done by lightly touching the body or if the person prefers, it is not necessary to touch. The hands will then be 2-3 cm away from the body.

10- During the session try to relax, observe your thoughts, focus on your greater purpose that led you to seek Reiki.


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