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The Mystery of Water

After studying about Bach Flowers and knowing Spiritism by Allan Kardec, I had a doubt about how water has the power to retain the vibrations-energy of plants (Bach flower remedies) or of people-spirits (Spiritism - Allan Kardec) when the water is fluidified in the spiritist centers. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher, photographer and writer, also developed experiments and theories about water. According to him, the molecular structures of water change when exposed to words, feelings, music and even images. True or not, current science is not yet able to prove it. Perhaps in the near future we will experience the day when this will be clarified. Here I try to gather as much scientific and non-scientific evidence to be able to understand this mystery and tell a little about this essential element - Water.

We are surrounded by water (amniotic fluid) from the 12th day after conception. This liquid protects us, facilitates the exchange of nutrients between mother and fetus, allows the development of muscles and the baby's movement. Water is one of the most abundant substances on Earth and in the Universe. It makes up to 60%-70% of our body weight and regulates our internal temperature and is essential for all body functions. Universal solvent, capable of changing its physical state (gaseous, liquid and solid). Tasteless, odorless, colorless (bluish when in large quantities), it has an anomalous expansion (does not thermally behave like most liquids) and a high specific value (thermal variation). Water is so important to our body that we can live a few days without eating, but we will certainly perish if we don't drink water for 3-5 days.

In Dr. Bach Flowers remedies, the water used is collected from a spring untouched by man. Where it is in its "purest" state, arising from within the earth without having energetic influences. Information is written in water and retained as a passive force field. In the native healing tradition of the Celtic world, living spring water was called rock water - it is water that emerges from the depths of the earth into light. Water that is revived in the dark womb of the earth and finds its way back to light is a substance reborn. The sun will then "print" the plant information on the water.

In Spiritism, fluidified water is normal water, plus healing fluids. Water is one of the simplest and most receptive bodies on Earth. It is the pure basis on which Spiritual Medication can be imprinted. It is an excellent conductor of electromagnetic force and will absorb the fluids projected on it, conserving and transmitting it to the sick body when ingested. Fluidified water expands the physical atoms, causing the entry of spiritual atoms, as yet unknown, and which serve to aid in healing.

Types of Fluidification: Magnetic Fluidification: It is one in which medicated fluids are added to the water by the magnetic action of the person (incarnate) who places his hands on the container with water and projects his own fluids. Spiritual Fluidification: It is one in which the Spirits apply fluids (without intermediaries) directly on the flasks with water. In Spiritual Fluidification, water does not receive magnetic fluids from the incarnated individual, but only those brought by the Spirits. Spiritual Fluidification is the most commonly used in Spiritist Centers. Mixed Fluidification: It is a modality of fluidification where the incarnated individual's fluids are mixed with the fluids brought by the Spirits.

Allan Kardec, in the book The Genesis, states: “the most insignificant substances, such as water, for example, can acquire powerful and effective qualities, under the action of the spiritual or magnetic fluid, which they serve as a vehicle, or, if you wish , of reservoir.” In 1943, 76 years ago, Francisco Xavier psychographed the book Nosso Lar, and already at that time attention was drawn to the importance of water and, therefore, the need to preserve the environment. In this book, it is narrated the visit that a doctor who lived on Earth and found himself in the Spiritual Plan, will visit the Bosque das Águas, a place where the river with the name Azul exists and which serves as a water reservoir for that spiritual colony. Says the mentor Lísias who accompanies André Luiz, the former doctor. – We are in Bosque das Águas. Here we have one of the most beautiful regions of “Nosso Lar”. – Man has been inattentive for many centuries – said Lísias; the sea balances its planetary home, the watery element provides its physical body, the rain gives it bread, the river organizes its city, the presence of water offers it the blessing of home and service; however, he always judges himself the absolute ruler of the world, forgetting that he is the son of the Most High, before any consideration. The time will come, however, when he will copy our services, enhancing the importance of this gift from the Lord. You will then understand that water, as a creative fluid, absorbs, in every home, the mental characteristics of its residents. The water in the world, my friend, not only carries (conducts) the residues of the bodies, but also the expressions of our mental life. It will be harmful in perverse hands, useful in generous hands and, when in motion, its current will not only spread the blessing of life, but will also constitute a vehicle of Divine Providence, absorbing the bitterness, hatred and anxieties of men, washing their material house and purifying their intimate atmosphere.

In the philosophical and spiritual view of Taoism (Tao=Principle/Origin) water is the Way. Empty yourself and be natural like the water that flows in the valley. Water is the beginning, the mother of all. Water is the living example of how we should act and be. She has strength and flexibility at the same time. Flexibility is not a sign of weakness but of adaptation to the environment. It descends from the sky and permeates all regions of the Earth, the ground, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, mountains, flowing and descending with gravity to the lowest places. She chooses the easiest paths, showing that things must happen naturally or according to the possibilities of the moment. When encountering an obstacle, it wears out, dissolves or takes with it. If that is not possible, she deviates and continues on her way. In an eternal movement and constant mutation, it will evaporate and return to heaven again. On this path, water benefits everyone wherever it goes, it does not make judgments or distinctions between things, animals or people. Your kindness has no purpose. It settles for the places that all men despise (the lowest and deepest places). From water one can learn virtues of a soft and malleable nature that seem to bring inner contentment on a personal or individual level. Live the present life with goodness with all beings that live in nature, with all people. Use kindness when expressing yourself, use kindness when ruling, doing all things. Just like water, be still, deep like a lake. Stillness brings clarity, just like the murky water that clears when it calms down. The word rivalry that comes from the Latin 'rivales' referred to people or peoples who depended on the same river (rivus, also in Latin) for drinking. Water does not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone on Earth and in the Universe and must be shared.

The water in the I-Ching is nature's first element, it represents the Principle. In Taoist alchemy it corresponds to the primordial breath.

Tao Te Ching - The Book of the Way and Virtue -Chapter 8 Sublime goodness is like water Water, in its goodness, benefits the ten thousand beings without preference Stay in places despised by others So it resembles the Path

Live kindly on earth Think kindly like a lake Live with kindness like brothers Speak with the kindness of those who have a word Govern with the goodness of those who have order Perform with the kindness of those who are capable act kind all the time Don't compete so there will be no rivalry

In 2013, University of Toronto researchers discovered the oldest water on planet Earth in a mine in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. The water was found at a depth of 2.4 km and is 1.6 billion years old. This collected water is unique and it can enlighten us about the atmosphere or the state of the Earth at that time. For the authors of the study, studying ancient water sites could help find new clues about the possibility of life in other parts of the solar system, for example in the oceans above the glacial moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

May water continue to permeate our lives teaching and feeding all of us on Earth May she continue to bring harmony and serenity

Gratitude 🙏🌎🫀🫀❤️

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