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Bach Flower treatment bottle

  • Bach flower treatment bottles are made using a combination of 4-6 (max 7) Bach flower remedies using only natural spring water.


    In order to prepare the treatment bottle, a consultation will be necessary to determine what Bach remedies  are suitable.


    If you already know the combination, please send me a message with the combination list that we will prepare the treatment bottle following your instructions.


    A little bit of brandy is used in the preparation to preserve the treatment bottles but it can be replaced by apple cider vinegar. Please, send me a message if you prefer apple cider.


    Bach flower can be used by adults, children or pets. They do not interfere with any kind of allopatic or non-allopatic medication or treatments.


    *Bottle return program: you have an option to reuse your own Bach flower treatment bottle. In this case, the bottle will be sterilized and a new formula will be made for your next treatment bottle. Bottles need to be returned by mail or in person.

    Reused treatment bottle - $10.00



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